Are you looking for easy, low prep activities to do with your kids this month? Something that has a holiday feel, but isn’t overtly Christmas? This Gingerbread Girl activity is perfect. Grab the book and print out the sheet and you have a totally prepped activity ready to be deployed as needed!

Image shows a coloring sheet with a gingerbread girl filled with numbers.  There are crayons at the bottom which assign a color to each number.

Use it As An Introduction To Your Next Unit!

This week in the store, we’re introducing an activity unit to accompany Lisa Campbell Ernst’s The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers. This one is ridiculously fun and tackles measurements in the math activities, and poetry in the language arts activities (those come out next week). If you’re looking for a fun holiday unit that’s not over the top Christmas, this is a fabulous product. Don’t forget, every book also has 2 associated YouTube tutorials/lessons. For our gingerbread unit, we build a lung model (to show what happens to her lungs when the Gingerbread Girls runs as fast as she can) and we make gingerbread ornaments. So, this really is a complete unit! And this printable and the book it accompanies (The Gingerbread Girl) are a great companion book and introduction to the unit!

Use It As A Compare/Contrast Activity!

The book The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers is actually a sequel to The Gingerbread Girl. In The Gingerbread Girl Ms. Campbell Ernst retells the classic story of the gingerbread man, but with a feisty gingerbread girl who is determined to outwit the fox that ate her brother. These books would provide the perfect opportunity to read the original tale and then compare it to the updated version.

When you’ve finished reading both and comparing, give the kids this easy printable to work on! The assigned colors at the bottom give kids practice identifying numbers and reading a legend. If your kids aren’t there yet, do this as a “copy me” assignment where you color one and have the kids match it. Or, just provide it as a simple coloring sheet to accompany the story!

Have It On Hand For An Easy Sub Activity!

It’s nice to have activities pre-prepped and ready to go in case you need to miss work unexpectedly and didn’t have a chance to prep sub plans. An easy, low-prep activity like this is perfect to keep on hand! Print out a class set now, tuck it in a file folder with the book and boom, you have at least one activity ready in case of emergency.

Whatever you do with this printable, I hope it comes in handy in your classroom. And don’t forget to check out my store for The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers activity packs if you’re looking for a fun unit!