Today, we’re going to make an easy, inexpensive piggy bank.  The body of the piggy bank is made from a mason jar- I actually used an old spaghetti sauce jar- so it’s a good “reuse” eco-activity as well!

I did a full YouTube video where I go through building this bank. 

I think we can all agree that money is a large part of everyone’s life.  Having enough, not having enough, obsessing about it, not thinking about it at all.  No matter where you fall on the spectrum, money is a part of our daily lives.  

That’s why it’s important to teach kids about money and have conversations about money values from an early age.  A 2013 University of Cambridge study reports that many of our children’s money habits are formed by age 7.  That means we should start teaching kids to save when they’re young! 

And isn’t saving so much more fun when you have something cool to put it in?  I know I’d be much more likely to save if I got to deposit my check in a giant piggy bank rather than dropping it in the drive through tube.  Heck, I don’t even get suckers anymore!  

This DIY piggy bank is crazy easy to customize.  I’ll take you step by step through the standard “pig” version, then I’ll show you some custom examples at the end.  Whatever your kiddo loves and is motivated by, create that! 

Image shows a pink pig, made from a mason jar, sitting on a white desk.
How cute is this piggy bank? It’s easy enough for your kids to make!


Image shows supplies needed for piggy bank
  • We’ll need a jar.
    • I’m using a spaghetti jar that I took the labels off of and washed out really well.  Reduce, reuse, recycle! You can find a jar around the house, or you could buy a mason jar from the grocery store.  You just need a jar with a pretty wide lid.
  • Next, we’ll need some paint. 
    • I painted my pig with spray paint.  
    • You can also use tempera paint and a paint brush.  
  • You’ll need foam sheets.
    • Mine came with tons of colors and 85 sheets, so I’ll have plenty of foam for future projects.
  • Finally, you’ll need glue. 
    • The foam sheet set I got included glue dots and those were perfect for this project.  You can also use hot glue.

Step 1: Paint The Jar

Image shows a glass spaghetti jar painted pink.
Reused jars clean up great!

I spray painted my jar.  I originally painted it with tempera paint and a brush, but I didn’t love the way it looked, so I spray painted it. Grab your jar and use whatever paint you chose to paint it!

Step 2: Let Dry

Let your jar dry overnight.  

Step 3: Cut The Lid

Image shows a jar lid with a slot cut in the middle
Make sure your slot is wide enough to fit a coin.

Once it’s nice and dry to the touch, cut a slot in the lid.  I cut my slot with a box cutter.  Warning, don’t use a knife that you’re attached to, cutting through the metal lid did a number on mine!

Step 4: Cut Your Face Pieces

Image shows foam, a cutting template, a pen, and scissors.  The foam has images traced on it.

Use your foam core and cut out 2 eyes, 2 pupils, 2 outer ears, 2 inner ears, an outer snout, an inner snout, and 2 nostrils.  

You can free hand your pieces, cutting into shapes you think would be good.  Or, click below for the template to trace around and cut out your shapes.

Step 5: Glue Face Pieces Into Layers

Image shows several foam face pieces.
The Completed Layers

After you’ve cut all your shapes, we just need to glue them on! We’re going to start by layering all our foam and then we’ll glue the parts to the jar itself.   First, glue the inner ears to the outer ears.  Then, glue the pupils to the eyes, and finally glue the inner snout and nostrils to the outer snout.

Step 6: Glue Layers To Jar

Image shows foam face pieces glued on to a pink jar.
Face pieces are on!

Now we have 5 total pieces to glue to the jar.  

Go ahead and glue that snout on.  I put mine about ¾ of the way down the jar, making sure to leave plenty of room for the eyes.  

Now put the eyes directly above the snout.  

Finally, put on the ears.  You can either glue the ears to the jar or to the lid.  Just make sure not to glue them to both the jar and the lid.  If you do that, you won’t be able to open the bank!I

And that’s it!  This little piggy is ready to eat!

Image shows a pink pig, made from a mason jar, sitting on a white desk.
How cute is this piggy bank? It’s easy enough for your kids to make!

Customization Options:

You don’t have to make a pig!  You can paint your jar any color and paint or draw whatever you want on it. Or you could put stickers all over it.  Or you could make a different animal.  I made a horse here, but you could make tons of different kinds of animals.  Let your creativity go wild!!

Aren’t these little banks so stinking cute!  And easy too!  Hopefully now that your kids have created their own bank, they’ll take ownership of their savings and be excited to drop some coin in!

Again, if you want to watch a video of the building and some other money stuff for kids, you can watch it here.

Have a great week, see you again soon!