As my kids inch closer and closer to college and moving out, I value our time connecting more and more. If you have teenagers, you know that finding that time to connect gets harder with every passing year. I’m telling you, time is at a premium with these guys and they have a lot of irons in the fire.

One way that we make a conscious effort to connect is through weekly movie nights. In December, that means Christmas movies! This week, our Christmas movie night was my personal favorite Christmas movie, White Christmas!

Check out my earlier post for more detail about our movie nights and keep reading for info on our White Christmas movie night if you want to try it with your family!

Movie Night Has Three Components:

First: The Movie!

White Christmas Movie Poster

White Christmas is one of my absolute favorite Christmas movies. I’m guaranteed to watch it at least once every December and chances are I’ll catch it at some other point of the year just to get a Christmas serotonin boost! My boys are great sports and usually they’ll pop in and sit for awhile if they see that it’s on.

Because this was my first movie night in December, White Christmas was the natural choice. We all snuggled in and let the Christmas spirit wash over us as Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney sang about counting their blessings. I know I was counting mine!

Next: Food!

Believe it or not, food doesn’t really play a major role in White Christmas. In fact, there are only a couple scenes where food even appears. One scene is in the dining car on the train to Vermont. Everyone orders club sandwiches, then while they’re singing about snow (as one does in a dining car on the way to Vermont!), they talk about hot buttered rum. Club sandwiches with chips and hot buttered rum sounded like a winner to me! For dessert, we took a loose interpretation of the General’s cake in the final scene and had a Birthday Cake Cheeseball.

A teenage boy eating birthday cake cheeseball.  Another hand is reaching in to scoop up some cheeseball.

The club sandwiches were good and a nice way to use up some leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. Pretty basic and nothing special if I’m being honest.

The “hot buttered rum” was just “hot buttered water” for everyone but me! The idea of hot buttered water sounds disgusting, but it was pretty delicious. I used this recipe and honestly, the 2 ounces of rum called for in the recipe was a little (LOT!) too much for me. The flavors got buried beneath the overwhelming rum flavor. I tried the boys’ drink sans rum, and it was so much better! I’d absolutely make it again, but I’d halve the rum this time. Maybe I’m just a lightweight? If you make this, my advice would be start small with the rum and add as needed!

The star of this meal was the Birthday Cake Cheeseball. I used this recipe and it was stellar! Fair warning, this makes a very large cheesball. I made the full recipe and presented half. I left the other half in the fridge to be eaten later. Even with 2 teenage boys, half of the cheeseball was more than plenty for dessert. I’m not going to lie though, that second half of the ball disappeared within a couple days.

Finally: The Activity

A set of Christmas Movie BINGO cards and 4 brightly colored markers.

I needed something easy for the activity this week. Work has been keeping me hopping and I just didn’t have time for something complicated. Thank goodness Ridge Top Digital Shop had a printable Christmas Movie Bingo available. I had originally planned to use it during our Christmas With The Kranks movie night, but I’m glad I saved it for this one. It can be used for any Christmas movie and it comes with 6 different cards, so we all had a different BINGO card to play with.

White Christmas isn’t an overly Christmas movie (which is kind of weird given its title), so I was a little concerned we wouldn’t have enough “Christmas” in the movie to get a BINGO. I shouldn’t have even worried, Isaac had BINGO about halfway through the movie! The rest of us had a few different lines we were working on, so any of us could have won.

This would also be fun for a large group because in addition to having several different BINGO cards, a lot relies on how observant each viewer is. There was also quite a bit of back and forth about exactly what counted. Was Bing Crosby in a Santa hat enough to mark off the SANTA square. There was persuasion, there were negotiations, there was voting. It was all very court-room drama-esque!

After the BINGO drama was resolved, we all curled up to watch the rest of the movie. And I rejoiced in having my guys all together for an evening. I’ll take as many of these evenings as I can get!

If you’re interested in more movie night ideas, follow along! I post several each month. Don’t forget, these make great date nights as well!