Die Hard may or may not be a Christmas movie. The internet has opinions both for and against. It is definitely a debate at our house. Noah is firmly on the side of “No, it is not”. Jon is firmly on the side of “It absolutely is”. Isaac and I don’t really care.

Wherever the chips fall on this one, I think we can all agree Die Hard is a classic. As a dedicated proponent of the boys’ pop culture education, Jon felt this was a crucial addition to the curriculum! And, as I demand Christmas movies for all of December, he seized his chance to jam this one in.

Read my post on connecting with your teens via weekly movie nights. And then keep reading to see what a blast we had on Die Hard movie night!

First Step To A Great Movie Night: Pick The Right Movie

Die Hard Movie Poster

Die Hard is 100% a classic movie that every film aficionado must see. And somehow, my kids made it to 14 and 16 without viewing it. I’d like to say that we felt it was too violent and waited until they were able to handle it, but that would be a lie. They were watching Star Wars before they hit preschool, we’re not exactly known for restricting movies.

Once, when the boys were maybe 8 and 10 (????, it all blurs together), Jon insisted that Highlander was a movie they must see, right this minute. Having only a vague recollection of Sean Connery and swords, I okayed the watch. Jon queued up the movie and I left the room. 20 minutes later, I hear “Whoa, I do not remember THAT being in there”. I came back in the room to see a husband and 2 small-ish boys staring in horror at a prostitute that had just entered a hotel room on screen. Jon swears that the version he watched as a kid did not include that scene. I think it was just the 80s and our parents were just a lot more lenient. Needless to say, Highlander got shut down instantly and we did a slightly better pre-movie scan in the future.

Anyway, I digress. The point here is that we aren’t 80s parent lenient, and we draw some lines, but that isn’t why we hadn’t watched Die Hard. We just hadn’t gotten around to it. And how could the boys weigh in on the Christmas movie/not Christmas movie debate if they hadn’t watched? We were failing them as parents. Time to remedy the oversight!

Good Food Is Crucial To A Good Movie Night

It will not come as a shock to anyone that there is not a plethora of food choices that relate to the movie Die Hard. It’s not exactly a foodie flick. The only real option here was to go with cocktail party nibbles. Thank God for Trader Joes and their frozen appetizers. One trip to TJs and I had 5 different appetizers ready to pop in the oven. We had Beef En Croute Bites (meh), Vegetable Samosas (delish), Mac & Cheese Balls (a huge hit with the boys, I could have skipped), Camembert Cranberry Sauce Filo Bites (my favorite!), and Feta and Caramelized Onion Tarts (delicious, but not very pretty. It’s possible I didn’t bake them long enough.). For dessert, we picked up mini cupcakes from our favorite local cupcake shop.

The fun thing about eating appetizers for dinner is that it instantly feels like a party. Add some sparkling cider and it’s basically New Years Rockin’ Eve. And my effort level was approximately the same as microwave dinner. I’d highly recommend for a little celebration!

Finally, Pick A Fun Activity To Accompany Your Movie

Vintage Chutes and Ladders For Die Hard Movie Night!

We played Chutes and Ladders in homage to John McClane’s many travels up and down Nakatomi Towers. I swear we have a version of this game somewhere in the house, but darn if I could find it. So, I ordered this fun retro version of Chutes and Ladders for movie night. We’re big board game players over here, so obviously Chutes and Ladders was a little below our typical game level. Can I tell you how much fun we had playing super basic Chutes and Ladders? The trash talk game was on point during play. This game requires exactly zero skill, so there is nothing to distract from whipping out some trash talk gems. For the record, Jon won, but I don’t think that’s a win he’s going to hang his hat on!

Whatever your stance on the Christmas movie/not Christmas movie debate, plan a movie night. Have some appetizers, play a cheesy game, connect with the people you love!

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