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Brandi is mom of 2 teenage sons. She raised them steeped in books and literature from day one and they’ve grown into amazing readers and learners.   As a parent, she spent years looking for ways to bring the stories off the page and expand her kids’ worlds.  As a preschool teacher and thousand plus hour volunteer, she’s spent massive amounts of time in classrooms and observed countless lessons. Some were successful and engaging, others just needed a few tweaks to get there.  She’s using that knowledge to help kids, parents, and educators as we work toward the common goal of building passionate readers.    


We offer 1 on 1 virtual consulting for all types of clients, big and small.   We’d love to work with you to address your sources of frustration and come up with a successful plan!

Premade Lesson Plans

As an educator, you have enough on your plate!  We create ready to implement, common core aligned lesson plans. All you have to do is plug and play. Let us do the planning part of things!

Online Fun You Can Do At Home!

Are you trying to entertain your kids?  Trying to help them get some learning with their fun?  Tune in to our YouTube channel for ideas.

Fearless Leader

Brandi lives in beautiful Colorado with her husband and sons.  She enjoys reading, skiing, and eating things she really shouldn’t. 

Brandi Kreutzer

Brandi Kreutzer

CEO and Founder

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